Save Money While You Let Me Do Your

 “Spring Cleaning” For You!



Dear Friends and Clients,


            It’s that time of year again.  Time when the “winter blahs” turn to thoughts of sunshine and the outdoors.  Who wants to be stuck inside cleaning? 


            Give me a call and let me do your “Spring Cleaning” for you!  Getting your carpets cleaned will make your whole house feel fresher and cleaner.  Plus, it will clean your indoor air!


“But My Carpet Doesn’t Look Dirty!”


Don’t say that!  If it’s been longer than six months since your last cleaning, your carpet is harboring all kinds of dirt, allergens and other icky stuff that you can’t see.  By the time your carpet looks dirty…the damage could be irreversible….not to mention the poor quality of your home’s indoor air. 


And did I mention the savings?


An Offer To Make Your Whole House Look & Feel Clean While Saving You Money…For This Month Only!


            Just give me a call and I’ll show up at a time convenient for you and take care of everything from pre-vacuuming to the moving of the furniture.  And, if you call 304-295-7238 and request this special by May 31, 2019 you will save $47.00 cash off your cleaning (see special below).    But hurry, everyone is so anxious for me to do their Spring Cleaning my schedule is filling up fast! 



Bob Runion



Spring Cleaning

To Do List


Call New Way Carpet Cleaning

Work On a  Suntan

Drink Lemonade

Listen to music

Take a nap

and paste on your refrigerator this month!  With me cleaning your carpets it

leaves plenty of time for you to do the more important stuff!

P.S.  As a little bonus I provided you with a handy “Spring Cleaning To Do List” for you to cut out


New Way Spring Cleaning Special


You Save $47.00 CASH*


If you schedule your appointment in May you’ll save a whopping $27.00 cash off your cleaning PLUS get $20.00 worth of Carpet Protection re-applied at no charge to you. 

But hurry this offer is ending on May 31, 2019

New Way Carpet Cleaning

Pick up the phone and call me today at 304-295-7238


*Not valid with other offers. $125.00 Minimum Applies