Astonishing Savings!

It’s My “Slow Season” So I’ve Slashed Prices

 Just To Keep Busy –

This Is For All You “Off Season” Bargain Hunters...


Hello friends and clients.  Have you ever used discounted websites like Hotwire.comÒ or Expedia.comÒ?  If so, then this is your month to clean your carpets! 

You see the way those websites work is they sell their hotel rooms, car rentals and flights at deep discounts because a discounted sale is better than no sale at all.  And frankly, in January, for a carpet cleaner like me, a filled schedule is better than no schedule at all.  So when it comes to carpet cleaning at a discount…


Nothing Comes Close…


…to cleaning in January!  So if you are longing for fluffy, clean, healthy carpet; if you want carpet that shines and has NO spots.  And, if you want it all at a bargain price.  Call me this month  and


Discover These 4 Benefits Of Cleaning “Off Season”…


Benefit #1:  You get my premium service including my exclusive 5 step cleaning system…at a HUGE       discount!


Benefit #2:  Your home will be treated with respect and I promise to take extra measures to keep the cold out and the heat in.


Benefit #3:  You can have your pick of my schedule as I am usually just trying to keep busy this time of year.

           Benefit #4:  Did I mention you get all this at a HUGE discount? 


If you are a bargain hunter, it doesn’t get any better than this.  It pains me to slash my prices this much but I have to do what I have to do to keep busy during January.  So instead of reminding you that your carpets need to be cleaned every 6-12 months to maintain their health and beauty.  In lieu of educating you that your carpets don’t need to look dirty to need a professional cleaning.  Rather than letting you know that your carpet is a giant filter that holds onto dust mites, allergens, dirt, pollutants and the like, that need to get cleaned out regularly for healthy indoor air.  Instead of all that I will just say….


Clean In January And Save A Lot Of Money On Premium Carpet Cleaning!


Contact New Way Carpet Cleaning by phone at 304-295-7238 or


Hurry! These Discounts End January 31, 2019

Take Advantage Of “Off Season” Best Discounts:

Best Deal #1:  Every third room of carpet cleaned FREE!  I will measure the square footage of each room from the largest to the smallest, and you will get the third room size cleaned free.  For any order under three rooms, I will clean a hall or bathroom for free.

Best Deal #2:  Every third piece of upholstery cleaned FREE! From the largest to the smallest piece and you get the third piece cleaned FREE!

Best Deal #3:  Every Third room & third piece of furniture protected with Protector FREE! When you have two rooms and two piece of furniture protected.

Best Deal #4: For every $100 you spend on any of our services you will receive a $10 Gift certificate to spend on future cleanings.

BONUS: FREE traffic area touch-up cleaning by May 30th!

Best Deal #5: Plus Free Spring Traffic Lane Cleaning On any rooms Cleaned in January By May 30th with any Gold or Platinum Cleaning Package.

My minimum charge of $125.00 still applies, but of course, so do all of my No-Risk, Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantees.  You will feel the cleaning we do is “The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning Ever, or it’s Free.”



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