Rugs Cleaning Parkersburg, WV - Helpful techniques on Cleaning your rugs

Trying to keep the cleanness of one's area rugs in your own home is undoubtedly a difficult work. Especially cleaning up right after emergencies like spills and discolorations can certainly bother for any rug owner. One of the keys involves possessing know-how on the way to take action in these stressed situations which will help you prevent a rug cleaning disaster or having to go rug shopping once again because it completely damaged your rug.

What individuals do not know is that in these cleanup emergencies, they can find plenty of very helpful things and also resources to apply in cleaning their own rug. Listed below is a shortlist of a few common house-hold supplies you can utilize for cleaning up your area rug effectively.

1. Paper Towels - when dealing with a drink spillage over your rug, you should immediately take away the excess fluid from your rug. This is necessary because the more time you wait to extract it, the greater the probabilities of the liquid seeping further into the rug and could make it complicated for you to clean up. When you are caught unexpectedly and there are no readily available sponges, you can get a few paper towels which you can use to soak up all the fluid.

2. Baby Wipes - this can be another thing which you possibly did not know may help you in cleaning up your rug. This will really help in removing a fresh stain over your rug. Blotting the fresh stains through can help take away the stain, making it all paler and as well as preventing it from affecting various other portions of your area rug. Try to remember this so so when you will deal with an ink spillage on your own area rug, you could quickly get your baby wipes that will help avoid having a difficult stain on your hands.


3. White Vinegar - it is a widely used kitchen ingredient, that can be really beneficial .Additionally, it has a lot of uses outside the kitchen area also. When you experience plenty of drink and food staining and you don’t have any kind of rug stain remover on your hand, try to get some white vinegar instead then incorporate one tsp of it on a cup of warm water to come up with a good, effective cleaning solution. Apply this on to the stain and then blot using paper towels in order to make your carpet clean and free from stain.


When it comes to Rug Clean-up, the solutions you need to use don’t always have to be commercial rug cleaning solutions. At times, lots of the products needed are in your house. The very next time you will encounter a rug-cleaning emergency, use these three household items above that will help you solve your problem with ease. If you want a hassle -free rug cleaning, hire a tried and tested rug cleaning company. New Way Carpet Cleaning, Parkersburg, WV is always at your service, call us now!