Keep your carpets clean and make your home healthy - carpet cleaning companies in Parkersburg WV

It is quite calming to be in the home when we arrive from work or when our kids arrive from school. Due to tiredness we sometimes can’t even go to our beds to rest. We just love to sit or lie down on our carpets and relax and watch television or listen to our favorite music. The question is how sure are we that the rug is clean and that it has no bacteria in it?

Studies show the normal homeowners' carpet contains about 200,000 bacteria in every square inch, about 4,000 times as much as their toilet seat. Where does all this bacteria come from? Skin cells, food and drink particles, pollen, chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, exhaust and all types of other contaminants supply the bacteria surviving in your carpets. It comes in from your shoes, your clothes, your skin, your hair, even the air.

That is why regularly scheduled carpet cleaning is essential. If you wait until your carpet looks dirty to get it cleaned, you’ve already been living among and breathing these harmful substances in your carpet. Carpet cleaning does not mean just getting rid of the dirt and spots on top, but it means taking out these bacteria and germs below the surface. A good carpet cleaner has a variety of cleaners to use in different situations. A very good carpet cleaner also has training to use these cleaners appropriately. Overdoing or using the wrong type of cleaning solutions in your carpeting and rugs can lead to problems. Not every carpet cleaner in your town can do this if he isn't using the right cleaners, methods, equipment, or doesn't have a sufficient amount of proper training he could be damaging your carpet. To find an expert carpet cleaner in Parkersburg, WV, visit New Way Carpet Cleaning.

Even though you may have been religious about vacuuming your carpets, quickly attending to spots and spills, you cannot be sure that these bacteria are removed. Remember, all carpets will need a deep extraction cleaning every 6 to 12 months to remove stubborn and embedded soils which are the sources of all these harmful substances. This is the right time to hire a professional to give your carpets a deep cleaning. New Way Carpet Cleaning has the best carpet cleaners. Call us now for your schedule!

Most people really overlook the key to keeping healthy which is by keeping clean. That means a clean home and a clean carpet make for clean air and a more healthy family.