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“Now Any Odor Problem And Even Indoor Allergens

Can QUICKLY Be 100% Eliminated!”

I've recently become a member of Just Gone™ Systems and I'm spreading the word about what our truly amazing technology can do to help you enjoy fresh clean air... EVERYWHERE!

Have you ever had a musty smelling basement, a vehicle that just stinks for some unknown reason, a house that wreaks of cigarette smoke or cooking odors, a room that has pet odor, Mold ...Or just something like a pair of old boots that you don't dare put on for fear of what will happen when you take them off?

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I can tell you that I have personally experienced everything on that list at one time or another. If you can relate to what I'm talking about, I've got fantastic news... We can make ANY odor Just Gone™!

Chlorine Dioxide, or Clo2 for short, is a “green” oxidizing gas, that when released (fogged) into an enclosed environment, destroys 100% of all odor causing bacteria. It doesn't just cover odor up... The gas penetrates deep into the walls and every nook and cranny and ELIMINATES it at the source!

Even better... The oxidation process that takes place also kills virus's, insects, mold, indoor allergens and virtually any and ALL indoor air and surface contaminants leaving the area 100% germ free.

Just Gone™ Systems can do some amazing things to improve your indoor air quality and remove any and all odors, bacteria, germs, viruses, mold... You name it! With the power of our unique chlorine dioxide gassing system we can make it Just Gone™ within hours... not days.





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